Best Practice

Our systems are designed to  promote best practice and we continually work with care staff to ensure we offer the best possible solutions

We meet your requirements quickly by using key specialist resources to deliver mobile, desktop & specialist wearable solutions. We can provide you with access to cloud-based software solutions giving your organisation the freedom to design the services needed without the cost of expensive infrastructure.

Tailored Solutions to support

Integrated Health & Social Care

Live Support Plans

reliably helps you support people living  in the Community, Residential Care Homes, Assisted Care buildings, or Day support centres,  CHAT will help you centralise and mobilise, review & update information with ease

Care Hub Assessment Tracker

Built to improve consistent levels of care

Developed  & Delivered by 

Weight Management

our integrated MUST tool calculator vastly reduces the time it takes to record weights and carry out the MUST risk assessment, leaving you time to focus on the results not the calculation

Management Dashboard

Our unique Risk dashboard allows you to understand and proactively manage the risks within your care group setting