Ben Newe

5 Cairnfield Place, Bucksburn,
Aberdeen AB21 9LT, United Kingdom

​Business Intellegience  Reporting

Built to improve consistent levels of care in care homes and promote two-way communication, "CHAT" is a central hub for visitors, staff and residents ​

​Change & Process Management
Care App Solutions provides tailored application solutions . We meet your requirements quickly by using key specialist resources to deliver mobile, desktop & specialist wearable solutions. We can provide you with access to cloud based software solutions giving your organisation the freedom to design the services needed without the cost of expensive infrastructure.


​We offer a number of support frameworks and approaches to help your organisation manage change.  Identifying which framework and approach should applied will be defined once assessment is completed

​​​​Care Hub Assessment Tracker

We provide tailored reporting allowing you to decide which areas you want to report on  and how often.  we  also offer a monthly reporting service ensuring you always have your reports ready on time​