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The Benefits of Software

Software should encourage and support innovation, promote sustainability by using resources wisely, enable global collaboration, improve the user experience, and give a competitive edge in various industries. In today's world, software is essential for both personal and business use. Software is a powerful tool that offers many advantages.

  • It can automate repetitive tasks

  • Save money by working efficiently

  • Ensure accuracy, and process data quickly.

If developed effectively it will also:

  • Easily handle more work as needed

  • Maintain consistent processes

  • Help with organising data effectively.

Software, in essence, is the coded expression of human intent

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Case Study

Kindocoin Challenge


The Kindocoin Challenge was developed by NHS Scotland to create stronger, digitally connected communities.

  • Increasing levels of volunteering in the community providing the ability to connect in real-time.

  • Allow for the quicker validation of volunteers.

  • Recognise volunteering contributions.

  • Support the capture of data on citizens.

  • Include Health and Social Care staff.

digital whiteboard
Phase 1
  • We explored the current challenges and support requirements from discharge point of NHS Lothian.

  • We engaged with voluntary organisations, community project leaders and private business to evaluate their support and identify motivation potential for these organisations to donate annual commitments in resource hours

  • Finally, we developed a high-level design specification for a commercial software solution with mobile capability.

  • Here is the video we made about it.

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